Trust a mechanic...

Mark G:
Cant say it enough...best shop around. Being able to trust a mechanic is somehing that is rare now in days but I can say I can trust Reto and the Lorne Park crew everytime. Great service...couldnt ask for more!

Saved me hundreds of dollars...

H. Wade:
I can't get over how good this shop is. I have been told by other mechanics to get things on my car fixed, and I am your typical car owner that doesn't know a lot about cars. I called Lorne Park Car Centre for a second opinion and they have saved me hundreds of dollars by telling me that the work that other mechanics are quoting is not at all necessary. I even had Canadian Tire tell me that my electrical system was ruined because my 2 tail lights were out - they were going to charge me $87 to even LOOK at the car, and warned me that to fix it, I'm looking at hundreds of dollars. I immediately said no, took my car to Lorne Park, and they replaced the bulb in my tail lights with the CORRECT bulb, and charged me next to nothing for it. They are friendly and most importantly, they are honest. I can't say enough about this mechanic and this shop. It is a great experience everytime.

I continue to recommend...

Ron M:
For Ontario I continue to recommend Lorne Park Car Centre in Mississauga just steps from the Clarkson GO train station. which is the commuter train into Toronto. he is very knowledgeable about Westfalias and has summer daily driver is his own Westfalia.He is not cheap at about $85 per hour but is very good.

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